In 1948, there already existed an independent plant in Ostrów, which dealt with poultry production that involved the purchase and processing of eggs and poultry.

However, the start of the company goes back to 1951, when the District Egg Collection Centre (Rejonowa Zbiornica Jajczarska) and the Poultry Fattening House and Slaughterhouse (Tuczarnia i Rzeźnia Drobiu) in Ostrów were merged to form one company under the name of Ostrów Wielkopolski Egg and Poultry Plant (Zakłady Jajczarsko - Drobiarskie w Ostrowie Wielkopolskim). The Pleszew Egg Department (Oddział Jajczarski w Pleszewie) was incorporated in 1954, and in 1957, so was the Krotoszyn Egg and Poultry Plant (Zakłady Jajczarsko - Drobiarskie w Krotoszynie). In 1959, the company took over the Poultry Hatching Plants in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Jarocin, Kępno and Krotoszyn. In 1960, the Kępno Poultry Plant (Zakład Drobiarski w Kępnie) was included into the structure of the company. In 1964, the Ostrów Wielkopolski Egg and Poultry Plant gained control over the Kalisz Plant with a Department in Grabów on Prosna and, in 1967, over the Plant in Konin.

The entire poultry production was moved from the acquired plants to the Kępno Plant. As a result, the liquidation of the Krotoszyn and Kalisz Plants took place and the Poultry Fattening House was established in Grabów. The Plant in Konin dealt exclusively with egg production. In 1970, new buildings for the Ostrów Wielkopolski Egg and Poultry Plant in Demblińskiego Street were commissioned, allowing for the placing of the company administration, the Egg Department and the Transportation Workshop (Zakład Transportu) in this location. In 1974, the Ostrów Wielkopolski Egg and Poultry Plant were merged with the Poznań Plant, but a year later, on 6 May 1975, the Ostrów Wielkopolski Egg and Poultry Plant was granted autonomy again.

From that moment, it operated as a multi-plant company embracing the following entities:

  • Kępno Poultry Plant,
  • Ostrzeszów Poultry Processing Plant,
  • Ostrów Wielkopolski Egg Plant,
  • Pleszew Egg Plant,
  • Konin Egg Plant,
  • Fattening House in Grabów on Prosna,
  • Egg Hatching Plants in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Kalisz, Konin, Jarocin, Turek and Grabów on Prosna.

In 1986, poultry houses were taken over from the liquidated the State Farm in Syców that formed the basis for another Fattening House. In the years 1985-90, the egg processing was wound up and processing plants were established on the basis of the Ostrów and Pleszew Egg Plants, while the Food Product Wholesale Company was set up in Konin.

Until June 1991, the Ostrów Wielkopolski Poultry Plant functioned as a state-owned enterprise whose founding body was the Provincial Governor of Kalisz. In June, the Plant Authorities signed an agreement with Agros, a company form Warsaw, for the setting of a "Joint Undertaking". During that period, the Plant operated within the organisational structure of Agros as a full internal settlement plant under the name of Ostrowskie Zakłady Drobiarskie Agros sp. z o.o. in Ostrów Wielkopolski.

From 1 January 1993, Ostrowskie Zakłady Drobiarskie again began functioning as a state-owned enterprise. In that year, the name of company was also changed to Ostrowskie Zakłady Drobiarskie DROP.

On 25 June 1993, the company was included in the Mass Privatisation Programme. On 30 June 1994, the Notarial Deed for the conversion of the state-owned company into DROP in Ostrów Wielkopolski, a Joint-stock Company Wholly Owned by the State Treasury (Jednoosobowa Spółka Skarbu Państwa DROP w Ostrowie Wielkopolskim) was signed. In September 1995, the shares of the Company were contributed to the National Investment Funds (NFI). The XI NFI that later functioned under the name of JUPITER by SA, became the leading fund of the DROP Company.

In September 2001, JUPITER sold the shares of DROP S.A. it held to an industry investor, Mr Zbigniew Plewiński, Owner of the PIAST Feed Plant (Wytwórnia Pasz PIAST) in Lewkowiec near Ostrów Wielkopolski.

In April 2012, a transfer of ownership of shares of DROP S.A. to PIAST PASZE Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Lewkowiec took place.

As a result of the production consolidation performed successively by the company, it currently carries out its activities on the basis of 6 following production plants, namely:

  • Kępno Poultry Plant,
  • Ostrzeszów Poultry Processing Plant,
  • Hatching Plants in: Ostrów Wielkopolski, Kalisz, and is Konin.

DROP S.A. from February 2015, it is located within the structures of the Drosed Group, whose strategic shareholder is the French LDC Group - the European leader in the poultry industry. The takeover of Drop is another milestone in the implementation of the Group's strategy, which assumes: optimization of industrial production of chicken, duck, geese and canning in all plants, finding new poultry supply areas and expanding export activities. The drop, like other companies included in the Drosed Group, remains an autonomously managed company, pursuing the goals of the entire Group.